The MNML Whiskey Tasting & Pop Up

April 02, 2019

One of the best parts about having a retail store is having the opportunity to partner with like-minded brands. A couple of weeks back we hosted our first Pop-Up in our flagship store with Toronto-made leather goods brand, The MNML.
The MNML Backpack Pop Up
We first discovered Mitch and his functionally fashionable travel backpacks at The One of a Kind Show during the holidays. Mitch's family business goes way back in the leather industry, so he comes by his knowledge and appreciation for quality craftsmanship honestly.
The MNML Backpack Pop Up
The MNML's signature Highlander Backpack is thoughtfully designed to make life easier when you travel. Designed with a full perimeter zipper to open flat, you'll never have to unpack when you get to where you're going. It's 100% weatherproof, allowing it to stand up to even the harshest storms. When fully stocked, The Highlander will easily hold 4 days' worth of clothing. Bring along a carry-on roller, and you can travel for a week or more - without having to check any luggage.
The MNML Backpack Pop Up
We hosted The MNML for a week-long Pop Up and naturally had to throw a party. On Thursday March 21, we hosted our first Whiskey Tasting - Mitch treated us to a Whiskey World Tour where we sampled Scotch, Japanese Whiskey, Bourbon and Rye from around the globe.
The MNML Backpack Pop Up
We explored how Mitch's leather choices, designs and overall brand are inspired by his favourite types of firewater.
Even though the Pop Up is over, we're going to continue to stock The Highlander Backpack as well as Mitch's minimal leather wallets both in-store and online.

The MNML Pop UP at 18 Waits

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