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Waxed Outerwear Care

Waxed Cotton Jacket

Our waxed cotton outerwear has been a staple in every 18 Waits collection since the beginning. We love the way the wax wears and ages over time - almost like a leather jacket. Over time, it might become necessary to re-wax your jacket. We recommend using otter wax, and following these instructions for the best results:

Cleaning Your Waxed Jacket:

  • hose off or wipe dirt off with cold water only
  • you can use a soft bristled brush for ground in dirt
  • hang to dry for a minimum of 24 hours

The Don'ts of Waxed Jackets:

  • don't dry clean it
  • don't machine wash it
  • don't put it in the dryer
  • don't use soap/detergent/bleach/solvents/starch
  • don't ever, ever, ever, ever iron or steam it

Re-Waxing Your Jacket:

We recommend re-waxing your jacket annually, or more frequently if you wear it a lot. You'll know that it needs re-waxing if the coat appears to be drying out, appears uneven, shiny or dry in areas. If you notice that moisture no longer beads in an area, this is an indicator that it's time to re-wax. You don't always have to re-wax the entire jacket - you can focus specific areas when you notice it's needed.

  • wipe down jacket with damp sponge (cold water, no soap), let dry for at least 24 hours
  • heat wax (with double boiler or hair dryer)
  • apply a thin layer to jacket with a clean soft brush or clean cloth in a circular motion
  • seams and worn areas will require more wax
  • smooth waxed surface using a hair dryer
  • repeat last 2 steps if needed
  • wipe off any excess wax
  • hang it to dry in a well-ventilated area for 24 hours

After following these steps, your jacket will look good as new - the jacket will be water-resistance again, the fabric's colours will be revived and the life of your jacket will be prolonged. Congrats!

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