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One of the many things we love about living in Canada - particularly in Ontario - are the four seasons we get to experience yearly. We always get four distinct seasons – albeit particularly long winters (which usually come a little too soon for our liking…). But, growing up with our seasons has not only made us used to them – we embrace what they each respectively have to offer. 



Winter is a time for warmth and hibernation. Gathering around the fireplace, reading more, catching up on the year's best movies, sharing hearty foods with our families and friends, gathering with many for dinners, drinking big reds and whiskeys, and of course dressing warmly in wools, twills, tweeds and downs. We even listen to different music in the winter months - music we associate more with colder weather than the light, happy, sun-kissed months of summer (who could responsibly listen to the Beach Boys in the middle of a Canadian February??).

Winter Playlist: The Rolling Stones, the blues, Icelandic bands, Wilco, Ryan Adams, The Doors, Kurt Vile, Arcade Fire, Zeppelin, The Velvet Underground, Nick Cave, Tom Waits ...Dylan




Spring is renewal. There's excitement in the air. The top of the season is still cool but people are pumped for what's coming and there's a palpable energy in the air. Everyone's keen on shedding their winter layers (and potentially winter weight...) and the city starts to come alive again. Summer plans get made here - sometimes over ambitiously so – but you can feel the buzz. Everyone’s ready to get outside and people are just happier. It’s pretty great.

Spring Playlist: Jazz, CCR, My Morning Jacket, Paul Simon, Bowie, the War on Drugs, Nick Drake ...Dylan




Summer is when we play. Sunny days certainly aren't taken for granted after a cold winter - they mean so much more. Road trips, full days in the park and evening under the stars, outdoor concerts & camping & nighttime beach parties – we don’t think there’s a Canadian out there who can legitimately say they don’t like summer. “It’s just not for me…” Liar.

Summer Playlist: Petty, Springsteen, Van Morrison, Steve Miller Band, Allman Brothers, Jackson Browne, the Grateful Dead, Neil Young, reggae, the Beach Boys, Janis, Joni ...Dylan




Autumn – our favorite season. The epic rich warm colors, layering clothing, from back-to-school excitement to Canadian Thanksgiving to Halloween to American Thanksgiving to the holiday lead-up, Autumn is festive and fun with so much to look forward to. Warm drinks, scarves as fashion (as opposed to a necessity a few months later...), the colors, the warm breezes on cool days, cool breezes on warm days – they’re all good. Fall is the big party before the hibernation – so we really make it count.

Autumn Playlist: The Band, John Lennon, Sufjan Stevens, Broken Social Scene ...Dylan


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