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Love is for Dreamers - Behind the Scenes

Some of our favourite films are animated. So, for our Spring/Summer 2015 video, we decided to try our hand at a stop motion animation. With the help of some talented friends, we were able to turn our ideas into reality.

Here is a peak into the process behind the making of our SS15 video "Love is for Dreamers':


'The Set' Fun fact: several fabrics from our Spring/Summer 2015 collection were used in the creation of the set. Note the curtains, water, waves, and picnic blanket.


Details from the set.  


Our leading man on set. We made miniature versions of some of our favourite pieces from the SS15 collection for the costumes. You can buy this entire outfit on our website 60% off right now (in real guy sizes)!


Our main character went through a few transformations before he got his final face. The characters in the animation are made from wool felt using the needle felting process.


A clip of what the stop-motion process was like:


The 'actors' taking a break on set.


We shot the live-action portion of the video in black and white. The idea is nostalgic of the Wizard of Oz where reality is in black and white, and the dream world appears in colour.


'The Cast'


If you haven't had a chance to watch the video yet, click on the link below to check it out. Don't miss the hilarious blooper reel...


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