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How to Dress for a Summer Wedding

How to Dress for a Summer Wedding

Wedding season is upon us and we get asked almost daily how to navigate the dress code for these events.
If you’re outdoors, chances are the weather will be warm, so you’ll want to keep that in mind. Coupled with some dancing and/or afternoon libations, you’ll want to ensure your outfit suits your needs accordingly. Also, it’s summertime so let’s have some fun! You can get a little more playful and interesting with pairing your accessories. Here are some examples of great looks suitable for summer weddings, both indoors and out.

Go For The Fun Shirt
A great shirt can make the outfit. Here are a couple of examples of the shirts being the focal point. With a louder shirt, you don’t even need a tie – the shirt is doing all the talking. (Note: if you do want to wear a tie with a loud shirt, matching the tie color to the blazer/suit is best. At the least, make the tie more subtle if the shirt is loud.)

Just The Vest
Dropping the blazer entirely and wearing a vest is a great way to keep it casual while looking really sharp. The “vest only” is a great option for outdoor weddings in warm climates.

Three-Piece, No Tie
Going 3-piece is a real classy look – we personally love the 3-piece. It looks so sharp but also has nice versatility as you can lose the blazer once the party really gets going and you’re still looking dapper (depending on your dance moves, mind you, but we can’t really help in that department…).

Traditional and Timeless
Lastly, you can never go wrong with the traditional suit & tie combo. To spice it up we like matching the tie to the blazer. It’s a subtle style statement that just looks so good.

  • Choose a summer weight fabric. Wool and tweed should be left for Fall/Winter. Look for cottons, linens and lighter natural blends.

  • If it’s a really hot day and you’re prone to sweating, bring an extra shirt (or undershirt if you’re wearing one). Doing a daytime/nighttime shirt change not only keeps you fresh but is also a fun transition from a more toned down ceremony shirt to your party time shirt.

  • Don’t be shy. Wear a bold tie or a loud shirt. It’s summer and it’s a celebration – let’s party!
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