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It’s what’s on the inside that counts…

A key element to our approach to design and manufacturing is attention to detail. It has always played the most important role in how we approach everything we do - whether it’s designing a blazer, or as seemingly simple as our business cards or safety pins used to fasten our hang tags. Every little detail is considered - and that’s what helps make 18w a brand that stands out and makes every piece in every collection special, timeless and an instant classic.

What you might not know about our pieces - unless you already own and cherish them - is the attention to detail and thoughtfulness put in to the inside of our garments. Like the features and comfort in the interior of a luxury vehicle, the inside of our garments are oftentimes even nicer than what you see on the outside. The sewing is perfect, the finishing is clean and the details are always very special. Take the inside of our trousers, for instance. Our trousers are always clean and classic looking. They aren’t loud or faddish - they are meant to be paired with almost any garment that you may already own in your closet - making them an instant go-to for almost any outfit. Subtle, sharp, understated details make our trousers special. But if you look on the inside, you’ll notice that they are all expertly finished with bright white bound seams, playful Japanese pocket lining and a front fly over-flap to ensure your pants always look properly and securely fastened. 

Only you, the wearer, will know how well-made, detail-oriented and “fun” the inside of your garment is. But hey, just cause we’ve never been the type to yell at the top of our lungs “Hey! Look at me! I need attention!” doesn’t mean we don’t like to let it loose. We just like keeping it a little more refined. A tip of the hat, a grin and a wink, a sartorial nod to those who are wearing the clothes for themselves and enjoying them selfishly - while looking damn good doing so. 
Wear Well, Enjoy, Love, Destroy.
18 Waits 
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