Spring/Summer 2016 | Lake Huron

Our good friend and all-around talented pal Jess snapped some beautiful
photos of our Spring/Summer 2016 collection in the wilds of Lake Huron. We
caught up with Jess to share some of the images and hear about how she
approached the shoot.

I think the Spring/Summer collection is lighthearted and playful, so I
wanted to shoot my friends in a place that to me feels fun and free -
 Lake Huron. 

We just had a good time with it, went about our regular outdoor
adventures, just with very cool clothes on. 

It's all shot on film and unexpectedly, the photos came out with a bit of
a blue and green tint, which makes them feel kinda dreamy. Happy
accidents are my favourite part of shooting on film. 

Jess is also one half of the stop-motion
animation team, See You on the Moon.

You might remember SYOTM's work from our SS15 Video,
Love is for Dreamers.

Check out Jess' website for more of her work: www.jessclaire.com
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