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18 Seconds X 18 Waits | Episode 1 | Cards

18 Seconds X 18 Waits | Episode 1 | Cards from 18 Waits on Vimeo.

At the heart of all creative expression, lies freedom. 18 Waits represents the freedom and romance that exists within souls that are searching for purpose and their deepest sense of self. Based on the sounds of Tom Waits, the visuals of Peaky Blinders and the general aesthetic of our brand 18 Waits, our most recent shoot portrays a band of brothers & sisters who are not bound by blood, but by something far stronger - a reverence for liberty, friendship and their shared joie de vivre. 
A family by choice.

Live Free | Enjoy Life | Travel Well | 18 Waits
Directed by @manhire
Edited by @theassemblyreps 
Produced by @skinandbonesfilm 
Director of Photography @boblyte 
Score @natronhindle
Makeup @beckygee_makeup