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If you’re not yet familiar with Coveteur and what they do you should take a few minutes to have a look. Established only a few years ago by fellow Torontonians Jake Rosenberg and Stephanie Mark, they’re now one of the leading fashion blogs to follow and the daily entries they feature are always entertaining, well written and include beautiful photography - a real winning combo. Jake and I go back years, actually, to the very first 18 Waits season. He was helping us on a photo shoot for our first ever collection and we’ve been friends since. Also since, Jake has now become one of the best, most sought after fashion photographers in the industry! I couldn’t be more proud of him and when I was contacted to be featured in a spread for Coveteur it took me all of 3 seconds to respond and accept. In true Coveteur form, they killed it. It was also a ton of fun to shoot. Thanks guys - we love what you do and are so happy we were able to be a part of it! xo 

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Photographer: Renee Rodenkirchen

October 12, 2016 by Jill Wood