The Beachmen X 18 Waits

March 11, 2020

A few weeks back we had the distinct pleasure of hosting Canada's premier Beach Boys tribute band, The Beachmen to our Store Concert Series at our Flagship on Queen West, here in Toronto.

Singing along to those summertime tunes was the perfect antidote to blustery weather - and some extremely cold temperatures we happened to experience that week.

As usual we had the cold ones flowing courtesy of our pals at Peroni Canada.

And we were treated to Vodka from our friends at Tito's, and Whiskey cocktails from Woodford Reserve.

The vibes were beachy and the tunes were perfect.

Our main squeeze Matt Mays even jumped on for a couple of sweet tunes - in a matching Hawaiian shirt, no less.

A huge Thank You to everyone who made the night possible - the Beachmen, Matty, our sponsors and of course our guests.

Space is always limited at our special events. Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to get dibs on complimentary tickets to future events. See you there! 

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