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Summer Jams 2003

Summer Jams 2003

I was inspired to make a Summer 2017 mix tape based on the last one I made - 15 years ago. We recently shared the Summer Jams 2017 mix and we got a lot of requests for the original one. It took a bit of digging, but I found it. It's a little past summer now, but these classics will serve you right no matter the season.

Without exactly remembering the track listing, our store manager Sean asked whether there'd be any songs I'd be embarrassed my 15-years-ago self put on the mix. Immediately replying with a confident no, we put on the CD (of note: tracking down an actual CD player took longer than digging up the CD...) and had a good listen. One of our colleagues Jill mentioned that it sounded as if I made the mix today as we listen to that exact music still. And without knowing the track listing on the original mix, there was only one song that I accidentally carried over to the new 2017 Summer Mix. I guess no matter the summer, you always need that "peaceful easy feeling". 

Let the good times roll...
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