Feu de Bois - The Scent of 18 Waits

June 22, 2018

Smells can leave the biggest imprint on your mind in terms of memory recall. Certain smells can immediately bring you back to certain places, people, experiences and times in your life - even after they’ve been consciously long forgotten. We love the notion of this olfactory trigger down memory lane, as it were, and that’s why we chose this scent to represent our brand. Feu de Bois is a warm scent made of sandalwood, leather and frankincense that brings us back to our childhood, summers spent in the woods and winters in snowed-in cabins. It’s sweetness neutralizes the masculinity of the scent rendering it accessible and enjoyable to just about everyone.

Lafco Candles

We burn this scent at home and in the studio - so when we opened our flagship, it was only natural that “our smell” came along with us. Not only is it the first thing people comment on when they walk through the doors (“oh what’s the smell!”), it has infused itself in our clothing that hang by the Feu de Bois candles we burn every single day. Recently we sent some shirts to a friend running a surf & yoga retreat in Nicaragua and he wrote us back saying “I love the shirts, but what I
really love is that they smell like home.” The smell of home. We love that too.

Feu de Bois Candle

We stock Feu De Bois in three sizes - 6.5oz (50 hour burn time), 15.5oz (90 hour burn time) and a triple wick 30oz version (120 hour burn time).

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