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Artist Profile | Lewis from LHN Jewelry

Artist Profile | Lewis from LHN Jewelry

We first met Lewis many years ago on the tradeshow circuit and hit it off immediately. We've been wearing his designs ourselves ever since and so when we decided to open our own flagship store in October of 2016, stocking LHN was a no-brainer. 

Lewis' designs are primarily influenced by classical antiquity and historic artifacts from the Roman era, through Byzantine and Victorian times. From WWII era Trench Art, Sailor Tattoos to Mexican motorbike culture.

Lewis's grandfathers were interesting gentlemen - Henry was a boxer and Captain in the British Army and Nicholas was a cobbler and as a nod to these two men, the names of his grandfathers accompany his, in the brand name: LHN stands for Lewis Henry Nicholas.

Every LHN piece is handcrafted in their Brooklyn, NY studio. When making work, ancient jewelry making processes are used; like carving into wax and casting into brass, silver and gold. This is coupled with fabricating the jewelry by hand- sawing, engraving, hammering, and soldering the metals. This results in hand made eclectic jewelry, which is aesthetically beautiful and feels like old treasure.


We stock a variety of LHN rings and cuffs in-store in a variety of sizes so they fit a variety of people. They're true statement pieces that last a lifetime.


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