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Correspondence with Olaf Breuning

Meet Olaf Breuning 

Olaf is a NYC-based Swiss artist who works in almost every medium possible to get his creative energies out of his head & into the world. As you can see from his previous works - - Olaf does everything from huge sculptures to interpretive dance routines (!!) and has collaborated with great brands such as Hermes, Surface to Air and Beck - the musician. We caught up with Olaf in Toronto at the unveiling & party for his latest sculptures entitled - Guardians - which are permanent installations in Liberty Village. When we mentioned our Correspondence project with Olaf he said that he doesn't really write by hand anymore - it's all done by computers. Luckily, we were able to convince him otherwise and we now have perhaps the last bit of handwriting Olaf will ever concede too. Thanks buddy!  


Here's a few examples of his work. Check out the rest of his work at

2013, "The Guardians", Public Project. Liberty Village, Toronto.

2013, Smoke Bomb Performance. Art Basel, Miami.

2013, Metal Sculptures Color, Art Basel Miami

2013, Dance Performance, "The Grid". Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, Switzerland.

2013, Firey Eye

2013, "The Humans", Lightness of Being (Public Art Fund), City Hall Park, New York City

2010, Wooden Sculptures

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For more information about Olaf Breuning, visit

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