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The Convertible Weekender | Pappy's Navy Stripe

$180.00 CAD

Brand 18 Waits


Our 3-season Weekender jacket is both a family favourite and 18 waits staple. This season we've incorporated a removable half-sleeve option that blends in seamlessly with the fabric. The hidden button option allows for versatility in wear and greater breathability in the warmer summer months. We offer this fully lined jacket in 2 colours of waxed cotton as well as 4 vintage inspired cotton blends that look like they came from your grandfathers's closet - in a good way.

* Size Chart: Weekender

* Arm length should be measured from the centre back point of the neck, along the shoulder and arm, to the wrist. 
** Body length indicates the length of the jacket from the highest point of the shoulder to the hem.