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The Black Sky Miner Fedora | Grey on Black Fur

$240.00 CAD

Brand 18 Waits

The Black Sky Miner Fedora is our third installation from an ongoing collaboration with local milliner Jay Mitchell. Each season we’ll release a new style that we’ve created together with Jay. These hats are 100% made by hand - they’re blocked, shaped, cut, sewn, burnt and loved - all individually by hand so no two are alike. The Black Sky Miner is our first fur hat offering - taking the quality and longevity up a few notches. You can pour water (or whiskey) in this thing and drink out of it - this fur fedora will keep your head dry in the rain. While these hats are brand new, they’re meant to look worn - like you found it blowing through the rail yard. Wear well, enjoy, love, destroy...

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