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LHN | Hula Girl Ring

by LHN
$315.00 CAD

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This ring features a Hawaiian Hula Girl playing her ukulele šŸŽ¶. She is swaying to the sweet sounds of music while wearing her grass skirt and flower necklace šŸŒŗ.

ā€¢ Dimensions:Ā 25mm x 15mm
ā€¢ Made from Sterling Silver and Brass

Tiki symbols becameĀ representations of Polynesian life, Hawaiian traditions, and the mythological nature of life in the South Pacific. Popularized by American servicemenĀ in the years after WWII, these images and symbolsĀ became an aesthetic in Western pop culture. With this handcrafted Tiki collection, LHN pays homage to the rich history of the Polynesian people.