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We collaborated with Toronto artist Hieram to create a limited series of Raw Denim Weekender Jackets, each with different iconic Bowie imagery painted on the jackets. This wearable art is entirely done by hand and incredibly limited - each piece is unique and the initial run for this series consists of just 8 pieces.

For David Bowie, clothes were a way of projecting self-expression, a powerful tool in communicating individuality at its most glittering and creative extreme. Like Bowie, our ethos is rooted in the belief in the power of fashion as a form of personal expression and art. 18 Waits draws inspiration from many wells – nature, art, film, design – but always at the forefront is music - the style and iconography of Rock & Roll is the biggest influence in our branding and design sensibilities.

David Bowie’s work has touched on and influenced every aspect of the creative spectrum. Whether his style was mod or spaceman or dapper gentleman, his characters are among the most enduring and iconic images of pop culture and continue to be replicated worldwide.

We're long-time fans of Bowie's music, and his many personas – the strange lifestyles that Bowie actually created and lived with every ounce of energy and truth. He famously “retired” Ziggy Stardust at a concert in London in 1973, live on stage, right before the encore – unbeknownst to his band, and at the height of their global stardom – because he genuinely was “finished” with Ziggy and had to move on. And just like that, he killed Ziggy Stardust – live on stage, in front of the world. It is this authenticity, determination and ability to delightfully surprise that we are seeking to celebrate and memorialize in this highly limited wearable art collaboration.

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